Much to Do.
Help is at Hand.

Selling or Buying? It’s all about questions. What’s happening in the market? Timing? Pricing? Neighbourhoods? What’s involved in preparing a home and its surroundings for sale? And on and on. All important questions and while your ‘to do’ list will be long, I’m your West-Side source – ready to help with the details and to answer the questions that are integral to the selling and buying process.



Market conditions strongly influence the initial answers to the biggest questions. When to sell? At what price? It’s time for a walk-through-your-house meeting to discuss your needs and expectations, followed by my comprehensive analysis of your property. This will include property and price comparisons from current sales activity in your neighbourhood. An analysis will help determine the appropriate listing price, and the marketing strategy required for your property’s sale.


Curb appeal. Descriptive, and so important in preparing a home for sale. And ‘you only get one chance to make a good first impression’. Seems obvious, but often the details are overlooked in preparing a home for sale. A de-cluttered, clean and organized home, inside and out, can make a big difference. Especially for would-be buyers who tend to notice everything. Don’t hesitate to call me for further detailed guidelines.


My marketing program has been developed, refined and updated throughout my more than twenty-five years as a Realtor. Your property will be advertised; be a featured listing on my website (constantly updated); and profiled on many other websites, including the following:





(if ads placed)

The Macdonald Realty lawn sign will be placed prominently on your property, unless signage is not permitted. Open Houses will be arranged around your schedule. Again, it’s a dynamic, proven marketing program that works. And it will be tailored just for you.


It’s an exciting time, and I’ve always been proud of my ability to negotiate the best price when an offer has been received. Price, date and terms. Things move quickly. With subjects removed, and the deposit cheque in trust, our conveyance team takes over and ensures that the paperwork is sent to lawyers and financial institutions to complete the sale. Congratulations, your home has been sold. It’s time for celebration.


“Thank you for your tremendous job in the sale of our home and going the extra mile to help us buy the condo. Both transactions were conducted with the highest degree of professionalism and you were always available at every turn of the road.”


“Many, many thanks for your perseverance in the selling of our home. You made a traumatic time much easier to cope with. I’m so glad we chose you to be our agent”

F and G Bendall

“She was very professional at all times. Her attention to detail was impeccable through to the post-sale follow-up. I was kept well informed of all pertinent information during the sale negotiations and was pleasantly surprised that selling my home through Kathy was a painless experience."

Dr. M. Cherry

“Kathy, we can’t thank you enough for your tireless efforts in finding our new home for us. It certainly was a challenging time in such a volatile market and we certainly appreciated your expertise and honesty through the purchase process, as well as the sale of our long time home. We will certainly recommend you whenever we can.”

N and B Martin

"Living out of the province and on a challenging work schedule, I was extremely pleased with Kathy’s knowledge and experience in providing a smooth and prompt sale transaction that met my objectives."

B. O’Neill



Where do you go now? Another big decision to be made. Is this the neighborhood for your future? Is this the home you’ve always wanted? Some have said it’s like a treasure hunt, and it really is. We can open the lid of the chest together to find that precious jewel. More questions. A condo, detached or single family? How many bedrooms, bathrooms? Must it be close to schools, work, shopping, special needs? The tour of a lifetime. How solid is the home that beckons? Structure, roof, heating, plumbing. And most important, is it affordable?


Again, I’ve been along on this journey hundreds of times, helped my clients make the call, and make the offer.  Details include price, closing or completion date, offer expiry date, conditions upon acceptance. Guiding my clients in their selling and buying adventures is something I love to do.

For you, there’s never a doubt!